About us

Halyard Risk: an experienced and respected player

We operate in a sector with a limited number of players and with projects involving substantial financial interests and risks. In this special and dynamic world, the Halyard Risk label stands for speed, experience, know-how, trust and integrity.. This is to be attributed to our team of surveyors with many years of experience, who have plentifully earned their credits both in and outside the maritime world. In the years to come you can count on them.

Halyard Risk is an independent label of Arntz | van Helden bv,, a global, leading loss management company. Halyard is the English word for a rope or tackle used for raising or lowering a flag. The four (signal flag) letters RISK also feature in the emblem of the flag.

Our team is at your disposal

Our experienced surveyors will be happy to help you with all your questions and problems regarding risk management. Please do not hesitate to contact them (without any commitment on your part)

Would you like to know first with whom you will be dealing? A click on one of the photos will provide you with information about the surveyor in question. It will also be possible to download his CV.