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No-nonsense and solution-oriented

It is with good reason that our office has recently been established in Rotterdam, the town with the largest port in the world and a reputation for focused, hardworking people. At Halyard we share this no-nonsense approach. This means that with us you will always know where you stand. We are flexible, quick and we issue clear, concise reports. We always think in terms of solutions rather than problems.

Safe and sustainable

With our professional risk analyses and expert advices we contribute towards safety, sustainability, environment and efficiency. Where possible, it is also our aim to lift the risk experience of the people with whom we work to a higher level. This approach has proved its worth during a large number of years in the maritime sector.  

Clear risk reports

We carry out our risk analyses of ships and shipyards in accordance with the JH-143 standards. We issue a strictly personal and confidential risk report, with all potential threats and risk factors. We also make concrete proposals for the prevention of damage.

The report includes a risk classification degree in terms of a score between A and E. For the insurer this score serves as the basis for the decision regarding the insurance. Shipyards can use the score for promoting themselves (commercially). We like to make our contribution to this.

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Our Halyard caps featuring the final score of their shipyard are very popular with employees of the shipyards assessed by us

Would you like to tackle risks pragmatically on the basis of a clear report?
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